3.119 medical, tour

Thursday 03/31/2022

First activity of the day was to walk to PAMF for an MRI. I had an echocardiagram a couple of weeks ago. The report indicated some further degredation of the aortic valve from the previous echo of not quite a year ago. I didn’t have any direct comment from the cardiologist except that her nurse called a week ago and said the doctor would like an MRI with contrast to better visualize the valve. Which we scheduled and that was this morning.

So I walked up there and got to play like the stuffing in a burrito for 45 minutes. Seriously. The MRI is a much tighter enclosure than the CT scanner, and it has been a while since I was in one. The machine sucks you in on your little powered sled and there you are in a pipe while the machine makes a great variety of construction noises around you. It used to have a lot of hammering and knocking but this time it was more like power drills and car alarms.

I strongly suspect when I see her on 4/21, I will hear that my porcine tissue valve is on its last legs. The next step is a new valve via a TAVR procedure. That’s been in the cards for a couple of years now; the question will be, how soon?

After lunch I went on a tour, organized by our Events Committee, of the public art along California Avenue. There are several murals, some that have been there for a long time, and some new ones. The only piece of art that moved me enough to want to take a picture was the nice patina patterns on this fountain.

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