3.113 Pokin’ around Spokane, SWBB

Friday 03/25/2022

Basketball wouldn’t be until 4pm which meant passing a day in Spokane. Which I did mostly by walking around. On the Gonzaga campus I found a nice little art museum that was good for half an hour. Walking around Riverfront Park I had the first real period of grief in months.

I have been in Spokane at least 5 times, always following SWBB, and of course, always with Marian. So every other time I have walked through this park was with Marian. So… yeah.

I ended up back at the hotel around 12, and chilled in the room until 3. Then off to the arena by Lyft. Here I found that the ticket I’d got from the Stanford ticket office was TERRIBLE. Directly behind the basket, 25 rows up. I have pictures of this but it’s too much trouble to get them into this chromebook I use when traveling. Take my word for it, they were the worst possible seats in the whole arena.

Fortunately several weeks ago, when I decided to go on this trip, I had bought a seat from the NCAA. Although this seat is in the upper deck, it is toward the center and turned out to have quite a good view. Harriet, who also got shafted on tickets, same section as mine, just moved herself to a vacant seat in a better section of the lower bowl. There’s no real usher policing going on.

In the first game, Ohio State put up a good fight but couldn’t quite beat Texas, losing by 3. They actually had the ball in the final seconds and could have tied the game, but Texas didn’t let them get a shot off before the buzzer. Too bad, as I’d rather see Stanford play them than Texas, to whom Stanford lost early in the season.

In the second game, Stanford seemed to have no problem with Maryland until the fourth quarter when a comfortable 20+ point lead started to evaporate. Stanford finally won by 10 but it wasn’t easy.

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