3.112 meeting, travel

Thursday 03/24/2022

Puttered around getting ready to travel and packing. Went down for lunch at 11:30. Then at 12:30, met with Yadira and Pam re the Zoom account. Gave Yadira a couple things to think about, like very probably the staff can’t be without their own Zoom account for a couple of good reasons. We settled that if we were to have a resident zoom account for events, they could front the first year’s cost for us. Then Pam’s Events committee could factor the cost into their annual ask of the Heritage Circle for following years. That’s progress. I agreed to see if the AV committee is willing to take on the job of administering a resident zoom account when we meet on Tuesday.

Then it was time to call a Lyft and head for the airport. The flight to Spokane was delayed an hour but no big deal. I was surprised, though I guess I shouldn’t be, that SFO to Spokane was only 2 hours, from pushback to touchdown. Two long days of driving, it would be.

Got a Lyft to my hotel, and later, another to a restaurant. Frank’s Diner, in a real converted railroad car. Very good burgers and fries. And just for a change, an Uber back to the hotel. If it were summer, I think I would have walked at least one of those trips, it was a bit over a mile, but it was dark and chilly and late.

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