3.095 medical, fopal

Monday 03/07/2022

I had an appointment for a cardiac ultrasound at 8am. I also wanted to touch base with Ian, who was going to do an auditorium event at 11am. I knew he ate breakfast in the dining room early, so at 7:30, on my way to the basement for my car, I stopped off at the dining room — but he wasn’t there yet.

So drove to PAMF and had my chest ultra-sounded. Very relaxing, lie on your left side while the tech runs a cold gooey sensor over your ribs. It was done by 8:45 so I drove back to CH, ran in, and called Ian. Of course this proved unnecessary as he had everything in hand and was totally on top of the job.

So now I could go to my main job of the day, FOPAL, where this is the last few days before a real sale weekend, the first in months. There were I think two sale weekends last fall, after Delta and then it was shut down again for Omicron. I found another 10 boxes of computer books waiting to be triaged. Over the next four hours I went through all of them. The proportion of “keeps” was low, I shelved maybe 1 in 8 and sent the rest to the bargain room to get $1 if they could, or be recycled if not.

It’s interesting how donations ebb and flow. For a while I got so many books about compilers that I started a special shelf for them. That’s dried up and now I am getting lots of books about medical data processing. Just depends on who’s retiring and downsizing, I guess.

I walked out of dinner. I went down at 6. It was Italian night — the chef has been doing a different regional cuisine every day for weeks now. I chose Veal Saltimbocca, which is a veal cutlet wrapped in prosciutto, the thin-sliced ham. The presentation was nice, very professional looking, but the food itself was bad. The veal was tough as boots, I could barely cut it with my table knife, it was red in the middle, the ham was paper-thin as it should be, but also paper-crisp. I took two bites and excused myself and left.

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