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Sunday 03/06/2022

At noon I headed out. First to FOPAL to try to mail the manual that sold yesterday. But the building with the mailing equipment was locked and nobody was around. I’ll have to do it tomorrow. Then I went to the museum to lead a tour. Tours are supposed to be 10 people max due to covid safety rules. I started with 10 but several more attached themselves so I ended up with 18. I ain’t telling people to not follow me.

On return at 3pm it was just time to start watching the PAC12 tournament championship game, which started at 2:45. Stanford’s opponent, against all expectation, was Utah, who had upset Oregon Friday. Utah started strong. The game was tied at the half and Utah went ahead by 1 early in the third quarter. Then Stanford opened a 9-point lead, and in the fourth quarter just pulled away to win by 20. Undefeated in conference play.

I didn’t like the look of the dinner menu so I went out. Walked four blocks and on impulse turned in to Il Fornaio, upscale Italian place I’ve not been into for years. Had a delicious plate of pasta and a beer.

George has offered his iPad to be sold by the gift shop if it can be cleared of personal info. The Tech squad delegated me. I had George leave the iPad in my cubby. Picked it up on the way back in tonight. It took maybe 5 minutes to reset it to factory specs. I spent more time cleaning the folding cover it came in.

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