3.090 down day

Wednesday 03/02/2022

When I rolled out of bed I staggered. Touch of vertigo, not bad, not crippling, but enough to make me feel unwell. Later in the day it only showed up as, whenever I bent over and stood up, that caused nausea.

I went for a moderate walk early on. Did some computer work, paying a bill etc., but napped and read most of the day.

About 3, David G called from the auditorium. He was practicing setting up a zoom and it wouldn’t work with his Macbook Air. I brought down my Macbook and demonstrated that the exact same setup worked for me. Only real difference was the level of the OS, he had stayed on Mojave, and concluded he needed to update.

He also reported that the lapel mics were not working. After he left I investigated. There are four wireless lapel mics, numbers 5-8 on our mixing board. #5 actually did work, although it was crazy loud, I had to turn its level down to 20% to avoid feedback. Mics 6 7 and 8 were clearly working to a point: when they were on, the little green pilot LEDs on the #6, 7 and 8 mixing controls would blink. But no sound from there. The controls for them and for #5 were set exactly the same.

In the evening, blasted through the first games of the PAC-12 WBB tournament.

I had signed up to go to Shustek tomorrow, but learned that Gretta won’t be in, and the opening I signed up for shouldn’t have been open. This is actually a relief. I expect to feel better tomorrow but still, I’d like the option of staying home and doing quiet things. Like taxes.

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