3.089 meeting, meeting

Tuesday 03/01/2022

Went for a walk in the morning. Then in an hour I put together an amusing short piece on this week’s writer’s cue. Which was “the occasion of the re-opening of our dining room, or any dining experience”. I amusingly reminisced about the long-gone days of 2019. Well, it was amusing, I got several good laughs.

This was the first of the new arrangement of the writers group, in which instead of founder Connie being the moderator, the moderator-ship rotates among half a dozen people.

The next meeting was stressful: the audio/visual committee meeting in the auditorium. In part to assign support for this month’s events among ourselves, but mostly to hack around trying different things to implement hybrid zooms. There are many different solutions none of which is perfect. But people got good practice in.

Shortly after it was time for our first supper in the dining room since the start of the Omicron wave. Then I watched the State of the Union, and finished watching American Idol.

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