3.062 CHM, tech

Wednesday 02/02/2022

…or 2/2/22 if you leave out the zeros. As somebody pointed out on the house bulletin board list, we won’t have another such day until 3/3/33, I should live so long.

This was the morning of giving a docent tour for people from the Danish Embassy. Scheduled for 8am and we have to be done by 9am. This meant I needed to be out the door by 7:15 or so, to be sure of being early. Well in fact it turns out that it takes 15 minutes to walk from my apartment, to the garage, and drive to CHM, arriving at 7:30.

There I learned some things nobody had bothered to tell us, “us” being me and Chuck, the other docent. On account of Covid, we can’t have more than 10 in a tour group, and there were 20 Embassy people, so, two docents. Chuck had generously volunteered to start his tour in the middle so I could start at my usual start.

I had thought the Danes were arriving, doing a one-hour tour (which is ridiculously short) and going away, hence the 9am cut-off. Not at all how it was. The Danes had rented a conference room for three days, and were doing some kind of off-site training. The 9am cut-off was because a film crew was filming in our exhibit space and they wanted to set up all their equipment and start work at 9am. So the tour groups had to be out to avoid tripping over cables and stuff.

Anyway, the Danish group were prompt; they were every one of them tall, handsome nordic types, mostly men, a couple of women, all 30-somethings. We got going just a bit after 8am and I finished up my tour at 8:55, which is a major win for me. My editing and rehearsals these past few days paid off. Alas, so many interesting tid-bits I had to cut out.

Which brought me home again by 10am with an open day. I had a standing request from neighbor Dr. Margaret to help her with some Mac issues, so after lunch I called her up and she was free so we did that. She has interesting if trivial problems. Like, her Contacts app had somehow doubled up all(?) or most of her contacts. I know zilch about that app, never use it. She pointed out that it had a “find duplicates” function! Which offers a “Merge?” option, which applied multiple times, got rid of all the dups. On her iPhone, the Messages app was stuck in horizontal display, not changing to vertical when you rotate the phone. Remembering the problem with Jean’s phone yesterday, I had her reboot it. Haha, fixed! This is the kind of thing that has people saying I am a tech genius: (a) look up the problem in google, (b) reboot it.

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