3.061 yup missed a day

Tuesday 02/01/2022

Went to bed without blogging. Now I don’t remember. Well a bit. I went for a standard walk in the morning, and instead of listening to a podcast, I talked through my docent spiel. Don’t remember what else. This is why I do the blog, because otherwise…

Oh, yeah. Took a tech squad call. Jean (another Jean) had an issue with the Mac Mail app. I think I resolved it by changing the Mail Settings to empty her trash folder more often. She also had a problem with her iPhone, the Mail app on the phone would crash (just disappear from the screen) every time you started it. I did a quick google and the first hit had the eminently practical suggestion, reboot the phone. Which I did, and voila! the Mail app now came up and stayed up. She said, amazing! I said, all I did was google the issue and do what the first hit said. “You know my methods, Watson!” but I don’t think she got the reference.

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