3.057 work, swbb

Friday 01/28/2022

Took a short walk in the morning, to Gamble Gardens. The rest of the morning I prepared to post a new sign-up sheet for my tray dispensing volunteers. We had been using 3 volunteers at lunch and supper shifts, but now that everyone knows the job, multiple people have told me that three is a crowd, two can do the job fine. So the signup sheet for the coming week only allows two volunteers in each shift.

Last week I promised some statistics, which meant getting out and dusting off the Python script I wrote a year ago, to collect statistics on volunteers then. It’s a feature of the signup software (slottr.com) that you can export the contents of a sheet as an Excel file. That gives you a spreadsheet with the names and times of people who signed up.

I had written a Python program to open such a spreadsheet, suck all the names out of it, and update a different spreadsheet that just has names and number of times each name has appeared. I can open this “tally” sheet and see that Leon Beeler worked 5 shifts, etc.

I had to modify the script to handle the new task, which took an hour to code and test, and then tallied the 3 weeks of volunteers so far. 64 different people have volunteered in that time (i.e. about 1/3 of the population of the tower), most for only 1 or 2 shifts, but several in double-digits. I really like my neighbors here.

After lunch I finally got to what I have been intending for a couple of days, planning a revised and shortened docent talk. Got a good start on that. Also worked on the VW model.

At 5:00 it was time to depart for a SWBB game. Stanford had closed down public access for several weeks but reopened effective today. The Cardinal played Arizona State and out-classed them in every way, leading by 30 at times. Tara put in all the bench-warmers for the fourth quarter and they let ASU come back a little, so we only won by 25.

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