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Thursday 01/27/2022

Took a standard walk in the morning. Started later than usual, so that I could end up at CVS after 9am, when their pharmacy opens. Picked up a prescription.

Now I set to work on a project that’s been pending for weeks: selling some rare books. These were contributions from Allen B. Ordinarily I’d just have found them for sale online, verified they were selling above $25, and passed them on to Nigel of the FOPAL “High Value” committee. But these were rare enough that there were no comparables to be found. So the HV committee wouldn’t take them. I decided (last fall) to try selling them myself. I’d listed one set (a group of manuals all for the IBM 7040, a budget mainframe that IBM sold briefly in the early 1960s) and they’d done nothing. Now I edited the description and re-listed that group. Then another book, a Xerox corporate report by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg (two people very famous in computer circles). This paper-bound report was a longer, and earlier, version of a very influential paper they published in 1977 in an IEEE publication.

I took multiple pictures and listed the book with a nice description, and a starting bid of $25 and a “buy it now” price of $50. And had lunch and a nap, and when I woke up, the book had sold! Somebody had “bought it now”. I emailed Nigel who replied that he’d come by and pick it up and see that it got mailed. FOPAL has a whole mailing/fulfillment shop that I’ve never seen, apparently.

Which brought me to 3pm when I had a date for a tech squad appointment with Kathy. She had various issues with her TV and DVD player which we resolved pretty easily.

Which brought me to 4pm when the semi-annual budget meeting was held. This event has our CFO present the FY 2023 budget and generally discuss the financial state of Channing House. Bottom line, we are still overspending our income but with the upgrade project completed, she forecasts a return to profitability over the next few years. Meantime we have 18 million in the bank.

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