3.038 work tapering down, shopping, SWBB

Sunday 01/09/2022

I went down to the dining room at 7:30 and was pleased to find Marcia there already, trying out the breakfast gig. As there was a line of 10 or so at the start, I stayed to help for a few minutes but then could leave. Meanwhile, the sign-up sheet for the coming week is filling nicely. I’ll keep an eye on it, but unless there is a seriously unfilled slot I won’t have to work.

After watering the plants and doing the puzzle (at 50 minutes, way over the normal average, which means that my 2022 Sunday average is starting out in a hole compared to 2021) I did not much until 12:30. At that point it was time to go shopping.

I mentioned that Saturday I had diagnosed Jeanne’s TV as kaput, and put her in touch with my next-door neighbor Carolyn who just bought a TV at Best Buy. They had decided to go out together today and buy Jeanne a new TV. This is Carolyn, who is smart, energetic and agile, being nice to Jeanne who is none of those things. Anyway, they invited me along. So I rode along on a trip to Best Buy. The Mountain View B.B. where I’ve shopped often over the years, is gone. We went to one in Redwood City, but they all look the same inside. The store dude was helpful and dealt directly with the two women, never turning to me. Good on him.

They eventually picked a Sony 43-incher which fit nicely into Jeanne’s car. Side story: this 12-year-old Toyota Avalon originally was owned by Robin, who is 93 but could easily be mistaken for a healthy 75. She decided recently to give up driving and sold her car — to her neighbor Jeanne. And now Jeanne doesn’t want to drive (Carolyn drove it today) so I think probably it will get handed on again soon. Anyway it is a boat, and the 43″ TV box fit into its trunk with room to spare.

At 3 it was time for SWBB against Gonzaga. The story here is that Gonzaga was in the Bay Area to play Santa Clara (both in the WCC) and Santa Clara had to opt out for covid reasons. Meanwhile OSU was supposed to play Stanford and had to stay home ditto. So according to Tara at a press conference, she texted the Gonzaga coach, “Want to play?” and they set up this game with like 36 hours notice.

It was only on Stanford’s live stream. I took my laptop to the 11th floor and with some difficulty patched it in to the big TV. A couple other people came to watch as well. Stanford had not much difficulty winning, although again they ran up a big lead in the 3rd quarter and let it dwindle in the 4th. They gotta stop doing that.

On the way back from the store I got to thinking about Carolyn helping Jeanne by driving her car and helping her decide on a TV. I have seen other situations like that, where residents are basically healthy but no longer agile enough, or brave enough, to go out and get some shit done. I’m wondering if there’s room for a… hell, another volunteer organization. There has long existed the Buddies Club, which is people in IL who buddy up to a person in the AL/SN wing and visit them. I’m thinking of the next level up from that, spry, energetic people like Carolyn (or moi), help other IL people do errands outside. The name “Doofers Club” popped into my head, because they would do for others. Or better, help others “do fer” themselves. A good name makes a drab idea compelling. I will try this out on Marcia a/o Patty who will probably convince me it’s dumb.

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