3.037 less work

Saturday 01/08/2022

Things I did today.

I worked the breakfast meal. Previously we had not planned on having volunteers help dispense trays and breakfast but I wanted to see if it was useful, so at 7:30 I went down and did it for an hour. It is useful. So I will add it that meal to the sign-up sheet that I need to make for next week.

Took a tech squad call to Jeanne’s apartment: her TV had gone black. I’ve never seen this. A Sharp flat-panel, the audio still works, you can hear the Comcast program, but the screen is black. If you press the Menu button on the side, no change, the panel is just black. Advised a new TV.

Took another private call to someone who shall be nameless who called me directly. I got to start refusing these. In this case, the Comcast box was clearly at fault. It kept putting up the XFinity logo and then would go dead. Advised going to Comcast and exchanging it, which unfortunately is not a practical option for this person owing to limited mobility. I did NOT volunteer to do it for her.

Had a quiet hour after lunch. Then went for a walk with Patty, mainly to pump her for suggestions on how to fund my proposal to the RA. She had a suggestion that I had not thought of, which I will go into another time.

Built the sign-up sheet for next week. https://www.slottr.com/CHTD0110

Had a quiet evening at home.

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