2.365 shustek

Thursday 12/02/2021

Palindrome day! Also my birthday. I got an email from Laurel, a phone call from Dennis, later a phone call from nephew-in-law Marc, and a text from Darlene.

I did my resistance exercises at 7:30, and by 9:45 was across the Bay at the Shustek center. Steve and I catalogued several things, most notably a prototype or test model, of the flight computer for the Cassini mission. I remember following the Cassini mission from launch in 1997 through its termination in 2017. I didn’t take a picture of this object; it was just a circuit board about 7 by 10 inches, mounted in a big metal frame with a bunch of test circuits around it.

On these CHM volunteer days I work alternately with two brilliant women, Gretta and Aurora. Both are smart, creative managers. Gretta, who got married last year, is now pregnant, expecting around April, at which time she will take 12 weeks off, and the job of cataloguing incoming donations, which she manages, will be put on hold for that time. Or so she says; I bet they can’t let a backlog build up that large. But we’ll see. Today I was a bit shocked when for the first time, I went out to what’s referred to as the loading dock, but is just a big enclosed space, and saw there is already a quite large untidy pile of unprocessed boxes of stuff. Mainly documents, which I don’t work on. I heard they were about to receive over 100 banker’s boxes of documents, the archives of CompuServe (remember CompuServe?). Anyway. Not my problem.

Oh, and there is what is so far only a rumor, that the museum proper will start to reopen in January, probably weekends only.

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