2.364 laundry, meeting

Wednesday 12/01/2021

Oooh look at that date. Tomorrow, day 365, is going to be a palindrome, 12022021. Cool.

Went for the standard walk. Then did my laundry. At 3pm I met with Ian, of the AV team, and Mary who is the choir director, to talk about the order of events at the upcoming holiday celebration, including the choir and various solo singers and instrumentalists. This takes some planning.

Later I worked on the VW model, practicing laying metal foil. The most difficult issue on this model is the chrome strips on the side.

This is a standard 1/25-scale model so the entire body is about 7 inches in total. Barely bigger than one of my fists. The chrome strip is molded into the model as a raised bead about a millimeter wide. The question is, how to make that shine like chrome? The kit includes skinny decal strips but they aren’t really shiny, just kind of metallic gray. I could try to paint along the bead with a chrome paint pen that I have, but I had a really bad experience trying to paint the similar raised bead of black on the VW Golf I did earlier this year. I am positive I could never get a uniform width.

The alternative is to lay down narrow strips of Bare-Metal Foil product. I have used it before but wanted to be sure it would work on such a narrow bead and that I could apply it, so I applied some to a similar size bead I found on the floor pan part.

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