2.361 quiet Sunday

Sunday 11/28/2021

After the usual Sunday morning stuff — well, I ripped through the NYT big puzzle in 28 minutes, so that was fun — I decided to take a walk. Instead of walking toward California Ave, I went North to Santa Cruz avenue in Menlo Park.

More than a year ago I had printed some big prints (8×10, 11×17) of photos and put them in cheap frames, aiming at a photo display on my hallway wall. Today I started thinking about that again. Reviewed my hall wall space which is mostly taken up with two large paintings, Leap 2 by Carol Aust, and a realistic view of Yosemite by Dean Linsky. The Yosemite one will probably be moved to the 6th floor Lounge. The committee decorating the lounge would like it there and I’m in favor of it being more visible. I decided that after the painting moves to the lounge, then I will put up a couple of picture rails and start doing a rotating exhibit as I had planned. But nothing to do now, although I may start printing pictures again.

That was the excitement for the day. Well, I set out the paint colors I mean to use on the VW bug. I cut its hood and engine cover off their sprue and carefully sanded the edges to get a perfect fit in the body. Then I washed the body panels in detergent using a bit of fine steel wool. This hopefully gets off grease and other contaminants, and scuffs the surface to take the primer. I need to get a plastic tarp to use when spraying on the balcony, then I will spray the body. I’m doing this model in reverse: the body will be a perfect gloss paint job before I start on the little detail bits like the engine.

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