2.353+7 tech, SWBB

Saturday 11/27/2021

Numbering note I knew things weren’t right. This blog starts on Day One, which was 3 December, 2018, the day Marian died and my new life as a bachelor began. I started numbering the headings with the year to keep them in order. This year’s blog started with 2.001 on 12/03/2020. So the numbers should be approaching 365 as we approach 12/02/2021. Obviously they weren’t. I went back over the whole year of posts and found that 02/17/2021 had day number 2.077, and then somehow, I headed 02/18/2021 with number 2.073 when it should have been 2.078. So I lost 6 days in the count. There was probably another slip somewhere. Anyway this day should be 2.360. You would think “one more than yesterday” would be simple enough to do, wouldn’t you.

Went out to grab a pastry and some green grapes at the farmers market. On return I took a tech call, working with Gloria on getting mail and contacts to all sync up between her desktop mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Today was the third game at the “pink flamingo tournament” in the Bahamas, featuring Stanford Cardinal v. Maryland Terrapins. The Cardinal got a bit of a break from what was expected to be a challenging game, because the Terps were short a couple of key players. Stanford took an early lead and stretched it, finishing the game 30 points ahead.

I just idled the rest of the day away, pretty much. So to spice up the blog, here are a couple of student-athletes.

Anna Wilson is ripped. Actually, if you look through her Instagram, Cameron Brink is pretty cut as well.

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