2.337 little things, meeting

Thursday 11/11/2021

First up, returned to the gym. This time I did three rounds of our 8 machines, 20 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps. It took a half hour and although it made me tired, I didn’t get that “gotta stop” feeling of before. Bodies. What you gonna do?

Then I did a whole lot of little things. At some point I thought to myself, I’ve been doing one thing after another, for an hour and a half, busy busy busy, and I won’t remember any of it when it’s time to blog. I really should have made a list. For example, a couple of plants were dry, I watered them. I folded the blanked off my bed because I want to switch to my snuggy duvet. Got out the duvet from the closet and put it into its cover. Discovered that I had a conflict between a concert and a play, so emailed the box office to change the date of the play. Other emails. There were more.

Afternoon, I talked to Wanda about how she wants my carpets cleaned, and how I’ve scheduled it. By happenstance the guy who does carpet cleaning came down the hall and we discussed carpet cleaning.

At 3pm it was time for SWBB which I couldn’t attend, but I watched their live stream until just before 4pm, then switched over to Zoom for two hours of the Strategic Planning Committee. Henceforth SPC. I made a nuisance of myself, a bit, but mostly just listened.

That was about it for the day.

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