2.336 haircut, Dune, temp


Went for a walk, 2nd day in a row, tomorrow I mean to get back on schedule with a gym session. At 10:30 it was time for a haircut from Leah in the house salon. I felt like my hair had gotten a bit too long this time, with a 6-week interval, so scheduled for five weeks, mid-December.

At 1pm I met with Carolyn and Joan and we went off to the new-ish movie place in San Antonio place, to see Dune. I haven’t re-read Dune since the first time in — checks Wikipedia — 1966 or 67. I did see the 1984 movie. This one is beautiful to look at. The designers worked really hard to design sets, props, costumes in amazing creative detail. (I appreciate this sort of thing more since watching Adam Savage videos, where he shows how props are built, and how much effort goes into them.)

Oh, about body temperature. I’ve noticed for a long time that my body temp runs around 97.6, a full degree below the supposed average. Today I saw a post in a blog I follow about lower temperatures. He cites this Harvard medical post on the history of body temp, and on how average temp has been falling generally over recent decades. I’m right in the middle of the new average.

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