2.334 RA, FOPAL

Monday 11/08/2021

Don’t blame me; it was the internet. I’m posting this on Tuesday morning because last night there was a Comcast outage through the evening.

Because of the 9am Residents Association meeting I didn’t do any exercise. I know, lame. The only memorable news at the meeting was that the bridge is open again. This is a big deal around these parts.

Channing House has two buildings, the 12-story Tower where 200+ people live independently, also the site of most common rooms like dining, auditorium, and others. Adjacent, but separated by a courtyard about 50 or 60 feet wide, is the Russell Lee Health Center, a three-story brick building that houses mainly a floor of AL and one of SN. The buildings are connected at the 2nd-floor level by a wide Bridge floor that also contains several offices, meeting rooms, a large Activity room, the beauty salon.

Pre-pandemic, the Bridge was a main travel way. To get between buildings you would go up or down to 2, walk across the bridge, then go up or down to your destination. Then came the pandemic, and as part of infection control, transit across the bridge was closed. “Single point of entry” was the rule from the Health Dept for each building.

The door at the Tower end was physically sealed. The Activity room was converted to an isolated Covid Ward, reached only from the Lee building side. For a while the only way to get between buildings was to cross the courtyard and enter by an outside door. Then one elevator was unsealed so staff and people accompanied by staff, could go through the basement and take an elevator that led from just outside the underground garage, to the Lee Center. Recently that elevator was allowed to everyone, which is why a couple of months back, I was able to reach the reopened Beauty Salon for a haircut.

Well, the announcement today was, the Bridge is open again! The 2nd floor Tower door is unsealed. The beds etc. are being cleared out of the Activity Room, which to me means, soon I have to go check out what’s left of its A/V equipment. Wednesday, I can cross the Bridge for my next haircut.

After that, I went on down to FOPAL for the final time before the upcoming sale weekend. Tidied my shelves; took a pre-sale count. On the way home, picked up some essential groceries, namely, coffee and peanut butter.

Neighbor Margaret asked for help; she wants to be sure any pictures she takes with her iPhone and/or iPad, show up automatically on her Macbook. This involves stuff I’ve not dealt with before, and the Photos app which I don’t know well (and what I know, I dislike). We didn’t make much headway.

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