2.333 bills and whatnot

Sunday 11/07/2021

I was determined to make some progress on a couple of stale projects, and did a bit. I went over my records of my Part D insurer and made sure that everything I want to keep was filed in the right folder. I created my account with the new Part D plan. I paid a couple of other bills, too.

I’ve had this set of IBM 7040 manuals (circa 1962) that I meant to try to sell on eBay. They’ve been stacked on my coffee table for weeks. So today I took some pictures of sample pages, which took a while, and filled out the lengthy eBay listing form. Kinda got stopped at the end, though.

eBay dis-aquired PayPal years ago, but now is enforcing a new system under which the seller (me) no longer has any control over how a purchase is made. eBay takes the money using any method, PayPal, credit card, whatever, and reimburses the seller supposedly by direct deposit to the seller’s bank. Which means giving eBay the ability to transfer money into my SFCU account, for instance. But would that imply eBay has the ability to debit my account, too? I need to talk to somebody, perhaps Frank at FOPAL before I go ahead with this.

I worked a little bit on the list of Auditorium issues. I discovered I had some video I shot, from when the vendor was here showing us the system back in the summer. It had some interesting tid-bits so I went downstairs to re-check the details of what the guy told us. And emailed Bert with a question.

This was “fall back” day. It’s only 7:30 but I feel like it’s much later.

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