2.324 jam-packed day

Friday 10/29/2021

Well, kind of jam-packed. I ate breakfast in the dining room for the first time in months, then headed out on a walk. “The creek” — there are several creeks that run from the hills down to the Bay, but the one of significance in my neighborhood is San Francisquito, which runs down over the Stanford campus, then defines the border of Palo Alto and Menlo Park; I cross it twice on my walk, both times on bike/ped bridges — the creek had been running a healthy stream, probably two feet deep, where it comes under the railroad, after last weekend’s rain, but now it is down to maybe 6 inches of clear flow. Well, it had been dry for months and months.

At 11:30 I went down for an early lunch. At 1pm the speaker for the coming Monday’s Book Talk was to come and try out the stage in the auditorium, and make sure his laptop presentation would work on our projector. So I needed to start up the sound system. He, a Mr. Trapnell and his wife Nomi, were early, bless ’em, and not only that but their laptop was all happy with our system and he had a USB clicker for advancing his slides like a pro. You’d expect no less of a Navy test pilot, which he was. I don’t think he’s the famous test pilot Trapnell, since that one died in 1975, but we’ll see.

I think they may end up as CH residents. Nomi was very interested in the place, asked a number of questions.

With them gone, I had brief break to read the material for my next meeting, with Lennie and Mary, about Mary’s latest revision of the Event Planning Form. Mary is not easy to work with, and Lennie got quite testy with her. But no blood was shed, and we got some changes agreed on and meet again soon.

That brought us to 3pm for the Halloween Party in the lobby, featuring the staff parading in costumes. A lot of the staff, especially the Lee Center nurses, enjoy doing this each year. Here’s a pic of the back part of the lobby, one of a number that somebody took and posted on the in-house forum.

Which brought us to 4:30 and the final Oktoberfest beer and snack time of the year. I drank a large beer and had the snack, and wasn’t hungry for supper so didn’t go. Of course I’m regretting that now, but eh.

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