2.323 Yosemite

Thursday 10/28/2021

Thursday mornings are busy. I have to leave at 9:15 for my CHM gig in the East Bay, today at the Yosemite ave warehouse in Milpitas. Before that I have to tidy my apartment in anticipation of Wanda cleaning the place at 2pm. That mainly involves getting rid of a week’s worth of recyclables, and generally picking up and putting away.

And do some exercise. I went down to the gym and did the strength machines again. Again, about half way through the second round, my body said, enough. Not short of breath. Heart not racing, because with the beta blockers I’m on, I don’t think it could race anyway. But just, “enough”. Next Tuesday, or maybe sooner, I am going to change it up; lower the resistance until I can do 2 or 3 rounds. That should be more effective for building muscle anyway.

The machines are all the same make, fairly new, and use air pressure, rather than weight plates, to set the resistance. There are +/- buttons you press to raise or lower the pressure and thus the resistance. Initially I set the pressure to what would allow me to do 20 reps on each machine, which ranged from 200psi on a leg press, to 35psi or less on other things. OK, I am going to fine-tune it down to what lets me complete 2 rounds of the 7 machines.

So off to Yosemite. Here among other things, we were trying to break in a small fleet of brand new laptops, Microsoft Surface model. They are very pretty, nice design. Unfortunately they also run Windows (Ten? I think) plus they have remote management of their software from the CHM IT team. Getting through multiple layers of safety and work group software to log in was trying. But some useful work was accomplished. And hanging out with fellow nerds.

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