2.305 A/V work, paint

Saturday 10/09/2021

At 9:30 I met with Lennie to go over the interactive online Event Reservation Form she is building. We got to talking about Connie’s upcoming talk and how my plan for a Zoom simulcast, using a macbook air on a chair, didn’t please her because it showed her full height. I confessed that Bert thought it should be done with an iPhone on a tripod as that could move in closer. We decided to go try that out, so we met in the auditorium after I got my tripod and iPhone holder. In fact this did work better. Lennie, who is an experienced Zoom host, started a meeting on her iPhone. We clamped it into the holder and set the tripod 6 feet in front of the podium and it frames up a very nice picture of the speaker from the top of the podium to just above their head.

We called Connie and she came down and tried it and liked it. So that is how we will do it. Lennie will initiate the zoom from her room. I’ll join it on my iPhone on the tripod in the auditorium. She says she knows how, as host at her computer, to “spotlight” one attendee to hold them in the middle of the screen.

Afterwards I walked up to Ace Hardware to get another extension cord, needed to bring power to the iPhone on the tripod to make sure it doesn’t run out of battery.

That took most of the time to lunch. Between a pastry I had at 8:30 and a candy bar I bought at the hardware store, I didn’t feel like lunch. At supper I didn’t care for the look of the menu so decided to go out for … what shall I get… decided, Mexican. Ended up at Palo Alto Sol on California avenue.

edit: about that “paint” — I fiddled with mixing a particular color for an upcoming model. It’s another Chrysler, but I am determined this time, to do the exterior body first. The usual model instructions have you build the engine, sub-frame, and interior in that order, before you do the body. But it’s the body texture and its details (chrome strip!) that have given me trouble time and again so it comes first. When (if!) the body looks right, then I will build the rest.

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