2.304 lab, beer, meeting

Friday 10/08/2021

First thing to do this morning was to head down to the PAMF blood lab Los Altos for a blood draw. This is to check up on my metabolic function after two weeks of Spironolactone. The results came later in the day, all the numbers were at the high end of the normal range except two. My BUN was just high, and by GFR was just low. Which means what? Dunno.

I sent a message to DiBiase with my average BP for the week before I started that drug, and the average for this current week. The latter is a bit less than the former, but not enough lower to be significant, in my highly trained medical opinion. Shortly her nurse replied that the doctor would be back in the office next week and would reply then.

At three PM it was time for “Oktoberfest”. This was something our Dining Services cooked up: for the 5 Fridays of October, at 3pm, you can have a beer and a German-style snack. One had to sign up for it, and there is a charge. I didn’t mention it last Friday, when the snack was a quite decent baked pretzel. They are providing German, or anyway European, beers, different each time. Unfortunately only about 8 people signed up, so it isn’t really festive. This time the snack was potato pancakes but they weren’t very good, should have been thinner and more cooked.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s weekly Covid Zoom. No bad news this time; but no real good news either. The public health directors of the 7 Bay Area counties have announce a complicated series of metrics under which they will relax public mask requirements. Santa Clara will probably do so in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately senior residences are also under state mandate, and will probably continue to require indoor masking. However Rhonda promised to have some sort of announcement on capacity limits for the public spaces (auditorium especially) next Friday.

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