2.279 meeting, early fopal

Monday 09/13/2021

Today was the Residents Association meeting, which President Carol had moved back to its historic start time of 9am. So no exercise. My only part was to give the Treasurer’s report. The two months since the last meeting have been a wash, financially. We spent just a bit over $100 mostly on a stock of masks for the front desk to give out free. We took in just over $100 in profit from the literary quarterly, Scribble and Sketch.

Several new residents were introduced. In addition the Heritage Circle grants for the year were announced. The Heritage Circle is a trust built from contributions, currently $5 million. Each year residents present grant proposals and the trustees fund what they can. Interesting this year: a grant for bike storage lockers. I don’t ride any more but some do, and they park in the garage. Unfortunately that’s down a steep ramp, and stuff has been stolen from bike bags.

The meeting ended with a demonstration of how you can do online ordering of meals either for delivery or pickup. So for fun I ordered a sandwich to pick up. After picking it up I drove to Fopal and spent three hours doing the first proper post-sale triage of my section in more than a year. This means to look at every book (about 450 on my shelves) and decide what to do with it.

Depending on how long it has been on the shelf, I can either: leave it for next sale; lower its price and leave it; or send it to the bargain room. The book goes to the bargain room if it has already been marked down to $2 or $3, or if it has been in at least two sales and I just don’t like it, for its age or condition.

I got through about 2/3 of the section, and filled four boxes for the bargain room, in three hours, and felt fairly tired. No exercise today? 3 hours standing and bending down and standing up.

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