2.278 catching up

Sunday 09/12/2021

Well that was an unpleasant night. Waking up at 3am to realize that I had not gone to the play nor had I made a blog entry. Then tossing for a while thinking about other things. Today I got back on top of stuff a bit.

With my morning coffee I booked a seat at the same play, at the 2pm matinee today. Then, after I had watered the plants and done the big crossword, I executed a decision I had made about 3:45am. I gathered up all the parts of the Chrysler model and scrapped it. I had just f’d up the body so badly that it was give up, or else strip all the paint off it and start over. But I’ve no confidence I could do any better a second time around. I need to learn about acrylic paint and airbrush technique before I do that again. I have several more models in the closet that I could work on, but not right away. For the time being my modeling tools and materials are neatly put away and my desk is clean again.

Another decision was the software/writing project I’ve been working on for a few weeks, redoing the classic Software Tools in Pascal in Python, has several basic flaws. I won’t put the details here but I need to rethink that, maybe scrap it, certainly re-do major portions of what I’ve done.

After lunch I went to the play, Mothers of the Bride, at The Pear. It’s about Hannah, who is planning a perfect wedding with Reed. She’s trying to choose a gown aided by her birth mother, Kristy, who divorced her father years ago and in fact is now on her fourth marriage.

Kristy disdains Beth, Hannah’s stepmother who enter shortly. Beth married Hannah’s father years ago. She’s a very conventional, conservative Catholic, and the sort who tries to put a good face on every disaster. They are joined by Ginny, the birth mother of Reed, and so soon to be Hannah’s mother in law. She’s a free-spirited holdover of the 60s. And then enters Liv, the shockingly young wife of Reed’s father (Ginny and he were never married). Liv is a self-centered internet influencer and thrilled that Emma Watson is following her.

It takes quite a while to work all this out but it finally wraps up to a warm hearted conclusion about the value of marriage and family. Here’s the cast near the end.

It was kind of surprising that having everyone in masks didn’t seem strange or impede the flow of the play. There were a lot of mimosa’s drunk; they would very naturally slip the masks off to sip, and slip them back on.

Last thing, after supper I took the Macbook and the DVD player to the auditorium and tested it. It works just fine; the Macbook mirrors its screen to the projector perfectly and the sound system is fine. Perfectly easy to play a movie that way.

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