2.270 trip to Marin

Saturday 09/04/2021

Today was the day I had agreed to another lunch with Ann (see 2.174 old girlfriend day), so off to Marin County at 9am, arriving a few minutes later than the planned 10:30. Ann showed me around her house, where she has lived pretty near as long as I lived on Tasso street.

It’s a fairly ordinary frame house on a quiet street. Its strongest feature is an absolute gem of a back yard. This street is at the edge of a developed area, so there are no houses behind, just a small woods of various trees and brush, then a grassy slope. From her backyard you can’t see any other buildings, the plantings are so thick. At the left edge of the property is a large Valley Oak, the kind that likes to lean over. Years ago they had metal pipes installed like crutches to support it, so the trunks — at least 16″ thick — lean over and shade the left half of the yard. In the center is a young Dawn Redwood, a little bit bigger than this one. On the right are some nicely maintained rhododendron. The whole thing is like a little glade in the deep woods.

Anyway after we’d admired her house, we went off for a walk around Marin Art & Garden Center, which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It has some very nice plantings but no damn labels on anything. Neat plants, what are they, eh? So we went on to lunch at the same restaurant as last time, which was fine.

Then I came on home, about 150 mile round trip. After I got home I was thinking how Ann had spoken of maybe someday moving to a senior residence of some kind and I got to wondering if she was as real estate rich as I had been. So I cranked up zillow.com and checked. Uh huh. Her place would probably realize at least as much as Tasso street did for me. I was going to email and tell her, then decided that would be a little tacky, so didn’t.

Anyway it was a demanding day in all, and I was in bed by 9:30, completely forgetting to do a blog post.

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