2.269 fopal, tech

Friday 09/03/2021

Rather than a walk, I just went to FOPAL to work on my section. I had started a general triage on Tuesday but need to finish it before next week, which is pre-sale week when I have to send in a definite count of the books on my shelves. Plus I wanted to clean out a lot of cruft that hadn’t sold in a year and wasn’t likely to. And I wanted to rearrange some of the shelves.

I got all that done, it took 4 hours. I’ll tidy up and do the book count next week.

I took a tech call, Kay was having trouble with her TV. Turns out the TV is monster, at least 60 inch diagonal, but somehow showing a standard def image all stretched out. Well, turns out Kay has been interacting at least sometimes with the Comcast box, not using the comcast remote but by hitting the teeny tiny buttons on the box. And at some point she must have hit the “format” button and put the comcast box into 480p. With that fixed it looked right to her.

Kay is one of those people — I hear their TVs as I go down the hall so I know there are several, at least two on our floor — those people who keep their TVs on a news channel, most often MSNBC, all the bleepin’ day long. Kay alternates between CNN and MSNBC. Nothing else, just news. I would go bananas, but whatever floats your boat.

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