2.264 walk, think, book

Sunday 08/29/2021

Did the usual Sunday things. Actually what with the warm weather I had to water the plants Thursday and again yesterday, so that didn’t take long.

Decided to walk to California Ave and possibly take a Lyft back. But in fact I felt fine and completed the return trip on foot as well. Almost 4.5 miles for the day, the longest walking in quite a while.

I spent some time thinking about a problem with Software Tools. It’s way too complicated to try to do justice to, here. But I think I came to a good conclusion. However, it means that my version of Kernighan’s programs will have to be somewhat different from his. That’s all right, though. One of the major points of Software Tools is that they couldn’t know what OS their readers had, or what facilities it would offer, so they basically say, if your OS supports this, fine, otherwise do it this other way.

In the evening I had nothing much to watch on TV except America’s Funniest Videos, so I finished reading a book. It was a very satisfying two-volume story that I would like to recommend, but I can’t really. It sucked me in by being about some really nice, appealing characters, and then about 2/3 of the way through the first book, surprised me with explicit sex scenes. Which puts me in a bind. I’d like to write a 5-star Amazon review saying, this is a well-written fantasy about likeable characters having big adventures — but then I’d have to say, but oh by the way, there is so much fucking. It’s as if Tolkien had paused every 3 or 4 chapters to give you a high-def anatomical play-by-play of Aragorn getting it on with Arwen; and then, back to the swords and the sorcery. Well, ok, adult me would probably read that; but who is it for? I don’t think I could have handled it at age 12, which is exactly who the rest of the book is suited to.

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