2.263 silicon, laze

Saturday 08/28/2021

Today was the first day of “Silicon with Adam Savage”, a convention of movie and comic book fans at the San Jose Convention Center. I drove down, parked, went in, registered and walked around. Lots of my fellow visitors were in costume, but I am really out of touch with current memes. I could recognize the half-dozen Imperial Storm Troopers who were doing “security” at the entrance, and two or three teenage girls dressed as Harley Quinn. But lots of the costumes I could see were costumes, but I couldn’t name the characters or the movie.

The heart of the con was a large hall filled with vendor booths. I wasn’t inspired to take a lot of pictures, but here’s one to give the flavor.

Art based on Star Wars, on Star Trek, a little bit of Harry Potter, a lot of Anime film characters. At least three vendors selling beautifully crafted light-sabre handles. Like that.

There was a schedule of panels and such, and you could get an autograph from a number of B-list actors. One of the few whose names I recognized was Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk.

I spent a couple of hours seeing most of the vendor area. I sat down in the Grand Ballroom for the keynote/kickoff talk by Adam Savage with guests astronaut Cady Coleman and SF author Mary Robinette Kowal.

I’m sorry to report that this quickly became quite boring. After half an hour, I left. I looked over the schedule of panels, and except for the 6pm Costume Contest there wasn’t anything I wanted to see. So I came away and had a quiet afternoon at home, reading.

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