2.259 meeting, fopal

Tuesday 08/24/2021

Aerobics class was slightly delayed owing the leader being a bit late. From that I sat down to the monthly concert by Stephanie Trick and Paolo but had time really for only half of it before it was time for the writers group. I didn’t have anything to read, but was entertained by some of the others.

Straight down to FOPAL for a long stint, processing several boxes of books and getting a start on a planned triage of several shelves, prior to rearranging some shelves when I have a little more room.

The dinner menu didn’t appeal (two dishes with beets, give me a break). I debated going out for a calzone but eventually settled on a sandwich and beer in my room. I see that breakfast tomorrow features waffles, so I may go down for that, contrary to my usual habit.

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