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Monday 08/23/2021

First thing I walked to PAMF for an 8am appointment with an endocrinologist. This was set up because the person who analyzed my recent CT scan noted a nodule on the adrenal gland, “probable adrenoma”. Dr. Yalamanchi turned out to the the cutest person, a south-Asian (no idea what country that name indicates, maybe Sri Lanka?) woman, small, soft-voiced, but very willing to listen to the me and careful to make sure that I understood everything she had to say.

The “adrenoma” is almost certainly a benign growth, common, not really a concern except that sometimes they can start making extra adrenaline or other hormones. She asked me a ton of questions about conditions that might indicate this was happening, and I was able to answer “no” to all of them. She ordered blood tests, so when I left her, I went down to the lab in the basement and had that blood drawn.

Then off to Peet’s for a nice coffee-and.

Back home I worked on the Chrysler model. I have some new, skinny masking tape which I applied around all the chrome areas on the body. The plan is to apply liquid-rubber “frisket” to the chrome, with the tape keeping its edges nice and neat. Then I pull off the tape and spray primer and color. Then remove the frisket and apply tape again; and apply liquid chrome, restrained by the tape. Then spray clear coat over everything. I can’t really start on that until Friday; the next three days are going to be busy.

I worked on STIP but I am wondering if I really want to continue. It’s turning into a proper book, of which I have completed a first draft of maybe … fifteen percent? In other words, a year-long project at least. For what? Who in the world would want to read a commentary and re-coding of a 40-year-old text?

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