2.236 pastry, hobbies

Saturday 07/31/2021

In the morning I took a moderate walk, ending at the farmers market where I patronized the other baker, buying a monumental peanut butter cookie. Like, so large I literally couldn’t finish it in the morning and had the final bits as dessert after supper.

The rest of the day I spent some time on my two hobbies. On the 56 Chrysler, I completed assembly of the motor.

The next step in the instructions has me assembling the wheels. The chrome wire-spoke wheels are molded in very nice detail, but the chrome is solid. In order to make the spokes stand out, and appear to be open to the back of the wheel, I dabbed flat black paint into them. Then wiped the paint off with a Q-tip soaked in alcohol. Came out pretty good, especially with the wide white-wall tires in the kit.

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