2.235 beer, pillow

Friday 07/30/2021

After my morning walk I went on an errand run. First to find my favorite beer. I keep this in stock in my room, and occasionally take a bottle down with me to drink with my dinner, so a six-pack lasts a couple of weeks or more, but now I’m out.

The beer comes from the Rogue brewery in Oregon and distribution is spotty and inconsistent. My prior supply I got at Bevmo, but when I went in there last week they had none. Fortunately the brewery website has a “beer finder” — put in your zip code, see a map with their latest deliveries. Today it is at the Grocery Outlet, a store I’d never been in. But yup, there it was. So I have two six-packs, which should take me into September or longer.

Next stop was IKEA where I bought a pillow earlier this year. That pillow has kind of surrendered, lost a lot of its punch. So I bought a different kind this time.

Hah, here is why it is fun to keep a diary. Turns out it was Day 2.062 when I went out and bought beer at Bevmo and also, went to IKEA for a pillow!

Worked on hobbies and napped the rest of the day. Dinner with Patty and the Youngs.

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