2.217 cycle

Monday 07/12/2021

Most interesting thing today was that instead of a walk, I took a ride on the Cyber Cycle, which I attended a demo of a couple weeks ago (2.193). It’s fun, although my cycling legs are only a memory. I think I will do it more.

Thanks to the beta blockers I take, my heart doesn’t go much over 70 bpm even when I’m breaking a sweat. I sent a query on that to my cardiologist who said, no, the meds are fine, and no harm if your rate is low.

Spent quite a bit of time working over the current chapter of Software Tools (No Longer) In Pascal. I’m finding a fair amount to criticize in the work of author Brian Kernighan, which is rather presumptuous of me given he is one of the original developers of UNIX and a respected professor of comp. sci. at Princeton. Same age as me, FWIW. Well, he’s welcome to work over one of my books, I’m sure he’d find plenty to criticize.

Tried out the new online meal ordering system, ordering my supper to take out and eat in my room. I have to say somewhat ashamedly that I rather like eating by myself.

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