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Sunday 07/11/2021

After my usual Sunday morning activities I decided to walk to the California Ave. Market. I did that a week ago and was disappointed to find no market. Well, duh, that was the Fourth of July. They took a holiday! So it should be back, and it was. I had a tasty breakfast of pastry and a bottle of apple-pomegranate juice and walked home. A total of just over 4 miles for the day.

I spent a lot of time working on Software Tools in Python. Coding is such fun. I also spent some time with the Chrysler model. I said it was insanely detailed? Here’s how detailed it is. This picture shows a cylinder head and its matching rocker cover. The cover is going to be glued on to the cylinder head, right?

However, they molded the rocker arms into the cylinder head. They will be permanently covered when the cover is glued on. Boggle.

If they’re insane, I am too. I actually spent some time thinking how I could paint that cylinder head, with dark brown gloss to make it look oily, and then maybe rub the rocker arms and shafts to make them a lighter color so they would stand out. Right. Just before gluing the rocker cover on to hide it forever.

There is a problem, though. The back side of each cylinder head has a couple of hefty molded projections. They do not match any hole in the cylinder block, and are not shown in the assembly drawings. So maybe I’m supposed to cut them off. But they’re bigger than the usual flashing.

It almost looks as if the cylinders should have been open, and those pegs would slide into the #1 and #4 cylinders. But they won’t. Strange.

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