2.176 “few”, software, fopal

Tuesday 06/01/2021

Today was the day for the aerobics class, formerly on zoom from Veronica’s home, to move to the 11th floor. The only attendees were me and Joan. AJ led us, and worked us a little harder, although not as gracefully, as Veronica.

After showering and dressing I realized I didn’t feel totally well. Achy shoulders and back and a general mild malaise. Joyce’s husband Wes called this “feeling few”. My morning temperature, after weeks of 97.7 +/- 0.1, was today 98.3. (Oh, and checking it now at 9:30? 99.6 which really means I’ve “got something”.)

So I took a couple tylenols and had a short nap. Then felt well enough to put in an hour on the software project. After lunch I went to FOPAL and processed two cartons of computer books.

I actually don’t feel bad right now despite having nearly 2º above my normal. But I’ll go to bed and take it easy tomorrow. Nothing on my calendar but doing the laundry.

But this virus — if it is a virus — given the typical incubation, would have been picked up at the baseball game Saturday or at lunch with Ann on Sunday. Dang it, supposing it’s a cold, it’s the first I’ve suffered in 15 months. I remember having a mucus-fest of a cold coming back from England January 2020. I miss the pandemic!

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