2.169 scan, fopal

Tuesday 05/25/2021

After aerobics class I had to hurry to shower and dress and it was time to head out for the 1-mile walk to PAMF for a scheduled echo-cardiogram. Routine and all. From there walked to Peet’s coffee, and thence back.

After lunch I met up with Sandy who runs the library to pick up a box of books for FOPAL. They used to collect donated books and FOPAL volunteers, the “pick-up crew” because they used an actual pickup to pick up donations from people’s houses, would stop by. That ended with the pandemic of course. So our library stopped accepting donations but they still had some. So I took a box down with me.

Feast or famine; after 3 weeks of no computer book donations, today there were 5 boxes. I spent 2 and a half hours getting them all processed.

Lots going on tonight. One, from 9pm to 5am, they are shutting off the water to replace a bunch of old plumbing valves. So I set an alarm on the phone for 8:30, to remind me to use the toilet then.

Then there is the lunar eclipse happening at 4am to 4:15 about. I have the camera all set on the tripod and an alarm set for 4am. I think possibly I will be able to get a view and pictures from the fire stair at my end of the building. If not I will have to go up to the roof.

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