2.168 meh monday

Monday 05/24/2021

Went for a walk, felt fine. Polished two pairs of shoes. Otherwise basically fiddled the day away. Hoped to put the final touches on the Golf model but didn’t quite. Maybe tomorrow or more likely Wednesday.

My new kettle arrived. Three years ago or so, when Marian stopped wanting morning coffee, I had purchased a small electric kettle, just held about 12oz of water when full, which I have used every morning since to make my one cup of pour-over coffee. Last week I got irritated that the translucent strip up the side, which shows how much water you have in it, had gotten cloudy so I couldn’t judge the water level well. I took the top off the kettle to investigate, and made the accidental discovery that the metal plate in the inside bottom, which gets hot and heats the water, was about half covered in little rust pits. Another few months maybe and it would have a pinhole leak into the heating element. So I ordered an exact replacement off Amazon. It arrived yesterday and today I picked up the package and put the new kettle to work. Big milestone.

DInner had been arranged by Patty, she hosted me and the Plocks, a couple who will be moving into the 4th floor in August. Stew had been in IT management for among other companies, Tandem, back in the day. Didn’t get around to what Kathy did, other than that her volunteer work in recent years has been in schools, helping grade school teachers in the classroom, and that all ended with the pandemic and she doesn’t know when it will restart, if ever.

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