2.158 meeting, FOPAL, dinner

Friday 05/14/2021

Went for a walk. Futzed around on various things until lunch. After lunch went down to FOPAL where for the third? time in a row, there were no computer books to process. So I spent an hour doing sorting.

At 4 it was time for Rhonda’s phone-in. No exciting news. Today the CDC issued some rather confusing new mask guidelines, more or less saying fully vaccinated people don’t need them even indoors, except for, several conditions.

As far as Channing House, we are under the directions of the California Department of Social Services (Independent Living) and the California Department of Public Health (Assisted living and SN), and neither of these agencies have updated their mask guideliness. For the time being, all staff are required to wear masks all the time at work. Out of respect for them, we in Independent Living, are asked to wear masks whenever we are on the first floor or in elevators, places we might encounter staff. Otherwise, not required.

At 5pm I went to Susan and Harry’s unit for drinks before dinner. This was to get to know Gloria who is moving in next week. Like so many of my neighbors here, Gloria is a high achiever, retired from a career teaching Economics at Stanford. Smart, friendly, articulate. She has three daughters, respectively an architect, a software engineer, and a lawyer.

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