2.157 lunch, haircut

Thursday 05/13/2021

How’s that for an exciting headline, eh? In the morning I wasted some time on the internet, and also spent a little time editing Pelajis. Eventually it was time for lunch with the boys. I picked up Craig and we drove to “Zot’s”, Rizotti’s, a place a lot like a Munich beer-garden, in the woods west of I-280. There we met with Tom and Scott, and so we had four people who all worked at IBM Palo Alto in the early 1970s, around one table. Nostalgia flowed. Also, talk of our respective medical issues.

Got back to Channing House about 3pm, and at 4pm I walked across the bridge to a unit of CH I had never been to, the Beauty Salon it says on the door, where Leah gave me my first professional haircut since probably January of 2020. Leah did a fine job.

And that was the day, pretty much. When I went down to dinner the luck of the draw put me at a table with the Goldens, and there was more reminiscing. They had spent a year in Switzerland in 1975, the same year the Marian and I had started our 2 years in England. That was a year of heat and drought in England, and they remembered that weather as well.

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