2.119 shopping, craft flop

Monday 04/05/2021

Went for a full walk. What with walking I did later, I ran up well over 4 miles today, close to 5.

Next was a long-standing to-do list item, shop for jeans that fit. I was going to go to the local Stanford shopping center but I saw that Macy’s has a larger men’s store at Valley Fair mall, which I’m not familiar with, so I went there. It’s a mall. Looked in the Levi’s store and Macy’s and it was getting close to lunch time. Being back on house food, I have to show up to accept my tray around 12:45 so I gave up and came home again with no purchases.

About 1:45 I noticed an email from 11am from Stanford: the women’s team would do a victory parade around campus at 2pm. Could I make it? I nixed driving myself, as I had no idea of the parking situation on campus. So I tried for a Lyft, but although it initially promised “pickup in 8 minutes” the time stretched out until at 1:59 and the car still minutes away, I canceled the ride and went back in.

Reader and friend Pat suggested that rubbing alcohol would release the double-sided tape in the spray booth. I used a blunt hypo to squirt alcohol along the 12-inch strip, twice, and it didn’t show any signs of loosening. (Pro Life Tip: when two half-inch pieces of sticky tape would do the job, don’t use the whole strip that came with the product just because you can.) Also realized in trying to pry on the light bar I had cracked another essential piece of plastic. That’s that; I’m getting another spray box, and one that has LED lighting built in for just $10 more.

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