2.118 writing, crafts, SWBB

Sunday 04/04/2021

Took a moderate walk around town, ending at Mme. Collette’s for an almond croissant. Yummy carbs, no more keto.

Finished writing up the results of the keto diet experiment (previous post) and posted a link to it from the Keto Chow sub-Reddit. Comments there are all along the line of “you didn’t keep it up long enough, it takes weeks to adapt to keto,” etc. Which frankly seems like a facile excuse. But we’ll see.

Spent some time clearing out a folder full of pictures, several month’s worth of pictures that I’d set aside, saying, I need to tweak this a little and save it in the permanent collection. Processed about 2/3 of them.

The special Easter Lunch arrived, the first Channing House meal I’ve had in 15 days. It was OK.

Spent some time working on my spray booth, and I’m afraid I damaged it. While opening and closing the different panels on it, somehow I pulled one of the two wires out of the little LED light bar I had installed a few months back. There’s no way to get inside it and reconnect the wire, unless I get the light bar off the underside of the lid. Unfortunately I stuck it on really, really well with double-sided tape. Trying to break it free, I started to break the glue bond on the hinged plastic lid I had installed. The whole thing is basically F’d. I will not use it with a dead light bar hanging on it; I can’t get the light bar off. I am strongly tempted to trash it, get another one, and start over.

Finally at 3pm it was time for the NCAA national championship women’s basketball game, Stanford v. Arizona. For a couple of stretches Stanford played like the smooth scoring machine they have usually been, and during those stretches they opened 10 and 12-point leads with seeming ease. The rest of the time, Arizona’s defense made Stanford look like clumsy beginners, giving up close to 20 turnovers.

At the end, for the second game in a row, it came down to Stanford leading by one point with seconds on the clock, and the ball in the opponent’s possession — and the opponents failed to score. The similarity to the end of the prior game against South Carolina was amazing, with the opponent’s star getting off a shot that could have won the game, and it bouncing off the rim at the buzzer.

So not a ringing victory, but a lucky squeaker. Never mind, they won, and are national champs. Until next year.

I remember in prior seasons, Marian and I would go to the Final Four games, and then, win or lose, flying home, we would say to each other, well, basketball is over. What are we doing the rest of the year?

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