2.071 tech support, failed funnies

Thursday 02/11/2021

Aerobics. Then a pile of little things that I did because they feel like accomplishments.

Composed an email to CHBB about SWBB; I have been taking it on myself to send out a reminder of when games will be played and on what TV channel you can record them. Except there was a late change and I had to send out a correction email soon after. Created the sign-up sheet for next week’s meal delivery, send to Marcia to have the regulars filled in. Then I forgot to broadcast it until 9pm. I tidied the apartment ready for Wanda to do housekeeping. I filed the WFB statement for January in the folder for the RA account.

Now a tech squad email arrived: Randy’s Mac was giving him “time to back up” messages and he didn’t know what to do. I called him, then went to his apartment. Turned out he had an adorable tiny 1 fucking Terabyte USB drive (I cannot get over one million megabytes being smaller than a pack of playing cards) and didn’t really know what to do with it. Walked him through Time Machine backups.

Then got an email from Elizabeth, to whom I gave my Epson 630 printer back in 2019, it was demanding an ink cartridge, and she thought it was because she’d messed up replacing the black cartridge. But no, it was demanding a yellow cartridge. I told her to get a pack of all 4 colors because if it wanted yellow now, it would want Cyan next week.

After lunch I took the car out for a brief spin. Then met Eva in the lobby to walk to the Apple store for her genius bar appointment. I didn’t describe her problem yesterday. She had installed some malware, she’s not sure what it was, but as soon as it installed it changed her password and she couldn’t log in to her new Macbook Air. We tried repeatedly to reset the password using the “Recovery Mode” screen. It would say, password changed, but the new password would not be accepted.

We had to wait almost an hour; the Geniuses were running behind. But we eventually got to meet Gilbert who went through the Recovery Mode password change again and it failed again. He then took it away behind the scenes, and came back a little later with what appeared to be a working system. Not sure what he’d done, but in fact, he hadn’t fixed it, although it was by chance we found out. He had set the password to “apple”, and Eva said, I want it to be my son’s name and the year he was born. So in front of us Gilbert used the normal way to change a password, with the system running and Eva logged in. Then he logged her out, and tried to log in, and … the new password didn’t work. The malware was still there, doing what it had done before.

We left the machine with them, it will be taken back to factory-new and hopefully when Eva gets it back, and restores her files and settings from iCloud, it will be gremlin free.

Two unappreciated jokes. One, there was a Reddit post in the Prius subreddit, about crossing Canada in a Prius, and they included a picture of a winding gravel road through pine trees. I commented, “Damn, I thought they had paved Maple Leaf 1 by now.” Of course we drove Maple Leaf 1 back in the 90s and it is a coast to coast freeway, as any Canadian would know. Well that was a funny comment but after three hours it had gotten not one response or an upvote.

The other I self-censored. I think it was really funny but I was afraid somebody would find it bad taste. In the public post about the meal delivery sign-up sheet, I had ended with,

Thank you for your devoted deliveries… hmmm, that didn’t come out right… makes us sound like “cart doulas”…

I got a good snicker out of that, but thought, maybe not. Somebody might be offended. And took it out.

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