2.070 a busy day

Wednesday 02/10/2021

Went for the three mile walk first thing. Today’s main thing was to have been dental hygiene at 11:15. However, yesterday they had called to reschedule. The hygienist was having a bad reaction to her 2nd Covid shot. So that’s off until Monday, leaving the day pretty much empty, except for doing the laundry in my 12-4pm slot.

Shortly into the morning it felt like I was doing a lot of little stuff, such as I never remember to record here. So I started a list, and here is how the day went.

  • filled pill cases
  • sorted laundry
  • made out a new pill list (check list for pill cases, old list was all marked up)
  • took 3-mile walk
  • picked up mail
  • spent an hour helping Eva
  • took old tax documents to basement (making room in the tax box for this year’s)
  • tried training the garage door opener onto my car’s rear view mirror — didn’t work
  • advised Gwen about connecting her mac to a tv (hallway consultation)
  • started laundry
  • emailed Bert re garage door opener training which he had asked me to test
  • got email from financial advisor’s office asking for 2019 tax return
  • lunch cart arrived – no lunch for me! – called kitchen
  • folded some laundry
  • lunch arrived
  • emailed tax accountant and asked them to send 2019 return to fin. adv.
  • emailed fin. adv. about that.
  • had another session with Eva and Bert in the 10th floor computer room.
  • finished laundry
  • fin. adv. writes to say they have received 2019 returns, thanks
  • helped Eva schedule a “genius bar” appointment for tomorrow
  • emailed to FOPAL colleagues about yesterday’s work

Just another day at the ranch.

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