2.066 dish, hobby shop

Saturday 02/06/2021

Well, what shall I do today? Gonna get out of the room but where? How about the Dish walk? Parking is impossible near the trailhead, but I can use Lyft. Which I did, Lyfting to and from the Dish walk.

According to the map at the entrance, the Dish loop is 3.6 miles. I’m peeved with the Health app in the iPhone, which only credited me with 2.9 miles for the full circuit, and only 7 flights climbed. One prominent characteristic of the walk is that it climbs, and climbs and climbs.

And then when you think you’ve peaked, it goes down and climbs again.

After lunch I got in my car and drove to J&J Hobby House in San Carlos. Here I picked up a second bottle of the red paint I used on the MG. The original bottle is nearly empty. I have determined to strip the four parts I’ve been using to experiment with clear coats. I will have to repaint them red.

I also picked up advice on clear coating. The advice was, if you started with Tamiya paint (which I had, the red was Tamiya) then use only Tamiya clear coat. I need to thin that, right? Yes sure, for airbrush it needs to be the texture of nonfat milk. So I have some acrylic thinner… Tamiya? No, it’s from Testors. Nope, don’t mix your manufacturers, here (hands me a bottle of Tamiya thinner) use the same stuff.

Well, ok, maybe this is going to get me the smooth, level, clear coat I want. I hope so. I will find out tomorrow.

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