2.065 meeting, food, SWBB

Friday 02/05/2021

Went for a shorter walk this morning, after my long walk yesterday. Did not much during the day, other than a couple of experiments with spraying clear. The first time, many little pukas opened in the coat. While it was still wet I held it under the tap and washed it off. I washed the parts with mild hand soap, dried them, and tried again. Better but not good texture, I think owing to my handling of the brush. Didn’t wash it off soon enough so I will have to sand the part for the next try.

At Rhonda’s 4pm meeting she opened with good news,

I am very pleased to announce that for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, we are not monitoring any residents or any staff for Covid-related symptoms or situations. Most weeks we have had anywhere from 10 to 20 people who we are monitoring. … So, having zero on the list is a huge milestone. … really gives us hope that things are improving.

But also, last night the security cameras caught a person on a bike who rolled down the drive and apparently had a garage clicker, because the garage doors on the Tower side opened for him. After three minutes, he came out and rode away. Today everyone who parks on that side (I park on the Lee side) was called and had to bring their garage clickers to the desk to have them programmed with a new code.

We had a more sophisticated system, where every car had a fob on the windshield that the garage doors recognized. I asked during the meeting, why we changed away from that system. They were unreliable, Rhonda said, and made by only one company that was not responsive to our service calls. So that explains that.

For dinner I, Patty, and Florrie had opted to get Palo Alto Creamery shakes and sandwiches. I placed the order at 4, and at 6, Patty drove us the quarter mile and waited while I went in to pick up the food. Grilled cheese and bacon, and a chocolate shake, num.

Stanford is back home after playing on the road since late November, playing Colorado, who handed them a defeat just two weeks ago. Colorado had lost a couple of starters to injury, and Stanford appeared to be handling them well, taking a 25-point lead in the third quarter. They they went to sleep and allowed Colorado a 15-0 run, making the last four minutes of the game more exciting. Stanford finally won by a handful.

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