2.044 SWBB, meeting

Friday 01/15/2021

After I did the three-mile walk, I tidied up a bit, carrying my recycles and trash to the dump station on our floor.

At lunch time, 12:30, it was time to watch Stanford take on Utah. Stanford pulled out a lead of a dozen early and pretty well cruised to a win.

Later I took a short second walk, during which I spotted a nice poinsettia(?) with the sun on it.

The iPhone camera was not really up to handling the extremes of brightness in this picture. I may go back with the Nikon tomorrow, if I remember.

At Rhonda’s Friday meeting, there wasn’t much news. There was a lot of discussion about the upcoming second vaccine clinic, what we needed to bring and so on. Rhonda herself and others on the staff had fever and fatigue after their second shot, so they were at pains to warn us all. (On the other hand, Santa Clara County says older people have had lesser reactions.)

Anyway if we have any symptoms we are to report them and isolate. “If you have a fever, it is probably a reaction to the shot, but it might be Covid. So you isolate until (probably) the symptoms resolve in a day” said Rhonda. They are suspending housekeeping for Tuesday-Friday next week, anticipating they will have a number of people isolating with symptoms.

I have signed up to volunteer for the first day. The second, Tuesday, is the day I get my shot.

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