2.043 tech

Thursday 01/14/2021

Did the morning cardio class. At 11am I met with Eva to continue sorting out her new Macbook Air. I had hoped I would be able to install the driver for her HP printer, but unfortunately I couldn’t do that from the lounge. I would have had to go into her room which is not allowed, virus rules. So she will have to get an IT person from the staff, who can get permission to enter her room.

I helped her sort out most of her problems with Mail. I really don’t like Apple’s Mail app, and use it as little as possible. Unfortunately a lot of people here use it. She has a problem that stumped me until later: she has two email accounts, one at GMail which she prefers, and one at SomeOtherISP I forget which, and the latter is the address that many of her friends know.

Mail presents these accounts as two separate in-boxes. So she has to click on each inbox in turn. Surely there must be a way to have all mail come to one inbox? But I couldn’t find it while sitting with her. Later I found out the only way, is to log into SomeOtherISP (and what are the odds she remembers that password?) and use its web interface to make it forward all mail to her GMail account. Then anything sent to eva@SomeOtherISP.com will still show up in GMail. Maybe someday I will try to get that set up for her.

That was about it. I took two walks during the day. The weather has warmed; it is over 60 on my deck. Which means that I can spray clear-coat on the MG model parts. I think I will do that Saturday when the forecast is for warmer still. I am very nervous about that.

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